Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trying out nougat dev builds for Nubia Z9 mini

So back at the end of Jan the dev builds for Android 7.1.1 started up on mokeedev. 
I didn't want to go for them till they had a stable release out. But eventually I got bored and one fine evening downloaded the latest nightly and gappa for Android 7 and went ahead. 
The installation was similar. On first bootup I had a surprise - a lot of apps wont start. Looking around I found out that the permissions are reset. The apps should be asking for permission instead of crashing. But anyway, I enabled various permissions for apps based on my knowledge. It sorted out about half of them. The remaining stubborn or rather badly coded apps I reinstalled from store. Then they all worked fine. 
Performance wise there's not much difference. The overall experience seems a bit smoother. Battery life is similar to Marshmallow. 
There are not many crashes, just an occasional app hiccuping once in a while. Functions are not complete e.g. USB tethering doesn't work yet. Otherwise camera is fine, calling is fine, sms work, all the sensors are fine. So overall the Nougat Mokee ROM is quite stable. And maybe we will soon have a release. 
Let's see. Cheers for the Mokee team. 

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