Monday, February 27, 2017

My Nubia died, and other news

Happened on 25th Feb. What happened was I put it in my rucksac as I was riding a motorcycle back from some trekking, and my trousers didn't have a decent pocket. When I reached home, took out the phone for downloading all the awesome photos I took on the trip, and it was dead as a rock. Tried to revive it using charger, nothing. Then connected it to laptop and saw a USB malfunction error, means either the port is damaged or the board is damaged. So a f*#+ moment. Called zte customer care no and got address of nearby service center. Lets see what they say.
On the other news, haven't yet gotten around to get a TV or monitor for the pi3, so its sitting quiet, waiting.
Ubuntu translation continues in my free time on - about 170066 strings remaining.
Nothing much else.

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