Friday, November 23, 2012

[non-tech ]Debate

I like to argue when it comes to decisions. Although most of the time it's just me alone evaluating things. But I had some opportunity in office to debate a few things. 
Lately though there's not much discussion going on, rather we have loads of work and the small pockets of discussion that happen when one of juniors gets stuck somewhere. 
Anyway, lets put that aside and concentrate on our own ward. So I'm facing some quite radical change in coming quarter or so. In lieu of this I have decided to cut off the amount of various activities I have been spending time on. So there go the TV Serials. And also decreased stats for movies - maybe 2 per week or so. And almost no e-books. Add in some compulsory study that I'm going to need and more free time for other tasks. 
So there is lot of debate going on. What to be prioritized and what to be altogether dropped. What to be gracefully closed and what to be discarded like trash. 
One example is I discarded about 50 GB of TV Serials and movies since they were just sitting there. I've scheduled the urgent tasks that I need to finish within this fortnight and I have listed down the things that I must take care of. 
And at every step there are decisions and debates with myself. Just like I previously said; what I need; what I can afford to discard; what I may need in future. It's a long pending overhaul this change has brought on.

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