Friday, November 9, 2012

Data management

I'm just reformatted my external HDD. The thing was I had kept two different partitions hoping that I would be able to separate the data better this way. But to my dismay I got bogged down with shifting files from here to there and vice versa.
So after six months or so of such pain, I have wiped out both the volumes and got one single partition now. Actually I need to get one more HDD. The current one - a western digital 320GB has served me well for last 3 years. It's taken its share of falls and has acquired some bad sectors. But I don't think I can splurge anything on some more electronics any soon. So I guess with this drive's 300GB and my laptops 200 odd GB's I'll be making my meal so as to speak.
Well, actually I can just wipe out the 200GB or so of movies and tv serials. But them I'll have to get at least 20 DVD's of my most favorite movies. And dream about the tv serials. And the other STUFF!
What has life come to! Says the guy who had an affair with the recession.
P.s. The babe is Natalie Portman.

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