Thursday, September 9, 2010

Modding your OS UI

Yes! They say there's no end to modding and you can get to some very interesting ends if you're the wanderer of the crypts. Geez! That's some term! Wanderer of the Crypts.
Anyway, I went on experimenting with Ubuntu's look and feel and within couple of weeks I have a fully functional "AWN" on. I've switched from Gnome-Panel. Also I've switched to "emerald" for window decoration. The GTK theme New Wave remains my favorite. Oh yeah, and I stumbled upon a great wallpaper pack for ubuntu. Used it generously. About AWN, it took me quite a while to set it up. Simply the number of applets available are so many and it takes time to get to the right combination. And sometimes even the stock applets doesn't satisfy your need. You need to apply some creativity to your use. E.g. I've two cpu frequency controllers present for my Dual Core Processor. Also your usage pattern decides what you want on AWN's Task Manager space. I've Google Chrome here, cause I don't use net on my Laptop still I need Chrome to do some Web Development.So it rests right where I want it to be.

And this way I've a clean and lean looking desktop.

I also fiddled with my stock Windows XP and following a nice blog post about modding WinXP, I ended with following., It's not yet complete - The icons, system properties box, and couple more things need more attention. But for now I'm stopping here.

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