Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[Updated]Accessing a Database on Server

Let's consider a scenario where I have a database on a Server. I want to process the data in database from client. What are the possible solutions?
1. I can write a web application and upload it to the server and use server side scripting to process the data in Database.
2. I write a client application to my taste and use it to access server database remotely.
3. Lets say I'm a security freak and I don't mind writing tons and tons of code and I'm perfectly content in doing things in the complex manner, so I write a client server application where my client is with me. My server is with the database. My client connects to my Server through an encrypted tunnel and sends requests and gets reports. My server can directly access my database and processes my client's requests.

Can there be any other scenario?
P.S.: Don't tell me you also have your server and both our server can talk to each other and we can have fun!

25Sep2010: Yeah I've reached another architecture. Serverless client. Actually here the server is not a Binary Application as in classic Server, but a php page that get's a request (HTTP Request) from client and processes it. This way now I can have my client Application connect to my web server and process data on database. Although this process is very crude. And the data type, ease of processing are points better forgotten. Although we can use xml formatted reply to better structure data and outputting xml data in a php page is piece of cake.

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