Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Translating Ubuntu in Marathi

Hey everybody!

Just joined launchpad last week. Was very busy - what with Sunday's trip to Ranjangaon, Endless episodes of Prison Break, scheduling for this week, and so many pending tasks. I wanted to write something here this Monday itself, but because all of this I felt like having a massive hangover right from Monday through Wednesday i.e. yesterday. Well, anyway I wanted to do something for Ubuntu. So I looked up around. Found out that I can't take any big programs(<laughs> frag big! I can't even get any time to code a small utility...). So I wanted to do something that'll not be trivial, and I could slack off whenever I wanted. So the translation thing looked good and I jumped on the Wagon.

The Launchpad team for Marathi has only 60 Members. And it doesn't look like there's any major activity going on. But fine I like to be the lone ranger and dark doesn't frighten me. So I looked around and the first question was TOOLS. Well, I knew about poedit, but I needed something to enter Marathi words into poedit. I looked around and I found out that there's keyboard layouts and SCIM if you're trying to input Devanagari text. I hate keyboard layouts. And I'd gotten SCIM working before. But major caveat was SCIM's marathi support is not upto mark. So what should I do? Well, there're alternatives. E.g. What about Windows? You got the fantastic Google IME. Also there are softwares like Baraha which provide you some advanced functionality. So I decided I'll start with google IME and poedit on windows. Later I'll install and configure SCIM on Linux.

It's almost a week now I'm working steadily on translations. Yeah, take a look around in marathi Translations and you'll find my name splashed around. I haven't yet configured SCIM on my Ubuntu. Using poedit and Google IME on Windows 7 as of now. Right now I'm focusing on common everyday use applications and later I'll move on to Admin Tools etc. Well, the only thing I need so sorely is a Marathi<==>English Dictionary

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