Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Update on Intex AquaFish

Last one week I explored AquaFish more. Found some nifty things too. PC Connection is great and working fine. I can send files to and from AquaFish well enough. Most of my media plays fine on AquaFish. 
I checked the events view and there were some options regarding to customizing the Quick Toggles or the WiFi/BlueTooth etc buttons. I added brightness control there since it seems like the natural needed option there. 
Besides this I successfully enabled developer mode and managed to connect the phone to installed Sailfish SDK and managed to run coupe of examples on the phone. One problem I faced was the SDK won't connect the phone when I tried connecting the SSH thingie(???) over USB itself. But then I connected both my laptop and AquaFish to WiFi and used the WiFi IP of AquaFish in Sailfish SDK, and debugging worked fine then. Don't know what the real issue is. 
Anyway, going forward I side-loaded some APK's and tried to install few Android Apps like Flipkart, Amazon, WPS Office (I use this for PDF reading, the night mode is blessing), 7Zipper, MXPlayer etc. Out of these MXPlayer and 7Zip failed to install. Others installed and worked fine enough for my small use.
Overall I'm having continued good experience here. Hoping it lasts in the future.
My goal is to port my newly developed Income/Expense Tracking app to Sailfish. Lets see.

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