Thursday, October 13, 2016

1 Year Anniversary of Nubia Z9 Mini

Right a year back this time I was frustrated with my Redmi 1S for not getting through the day. So much frustrated that I sold it to a friend's friend. To add to the cash-pile I sold my four year old Samsung Omnia W on Quickr. And then put in some more hard earned monies, and got this beauty on Amazon Sale with 33% discount. 
It was a risk. Nubia as a brand was not well known. But I have used ZTE's back then and knew them to be solid devices. So I went for it. And now a year later, I'm still happy for that decision. The phone came with Android 5.0.3 with Nubia UI which I found to be crap, but the Camera was top notch. I have since shot more than 2000 photos with it and many of them are just superb. So much so that it convinced me to invest in a tripod. Another good investment.
Anyway, couple of months in I ditched Nubia UI for Mokee ROM and haven't looked back since. Used Mokee 5.1 for a while, then moved to Mokee 6.0 and been using it so far. The phone's solid though, the battery still goes more than a day, it has seen half-dozen falls but still working fine. The screen's provided guard has bellyful of scratches, but I I think I should replace it now after a year. The display is crisp and no issue with anything else. 
This reminds me of the Samsung Omnia W. It also was a solid phone and a joy to use. Maybe more so because it had WinPhone OS and an OLED screen. I miss that OLED screen, but by end of first year, it had developed burn-in spots near top. Nothing like that here in Nubia. 
Well such solid gadgets are few to come by. Especially sad when they explode like recent Sammy Note 7's!!!

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