Friday, August 5, 2016

gSOAP on Linux and Windows

gsoap v2.7.16


su -


make install

Then into calc++ dir:

soapcpp2 -i calc.h

g++ -o calcclient++ calcclient.cpp ../../stdsoap2.cpp soapC.cpp soapcalcProxy.cpp

g++ -o calcserver++ calcserver.cpp ../../stdsoap2.cpp soapC.cpp soapcalcService.cpp

This compiles calc client app and calc server app.

execute calcserver++ and after that

execute calcclient as

./calcclient++ add 3 3

result = 6

Note: There's some delay observed.


with modifications to calc.h; calcclient.cpp and redoing all above steps from soapcpp2 -i calc.h;

and running calcserver as #./calcserver++ 80 in one terminal and calcclient as $./calcclient++ add 5 6

gives correct output. So gsoap is working in Linux for both client and server.


Now to Windows

*** using available binaries in C:\gsoap-2.7\gsoap\bin folder.

Added soapcpp2 binary's path to PATH variable.

Next using Visual Studio 2005 Command prompt;

got to calc++ directory:

and use

soapcpp2 -i calc.h

This will generate the wsdl and stubs

Next compile the client as:

C:\gsoap-2.7\gsoap\samples\calc++>cl -o calcclient++ calcclient.cpp stdsoa

p2.cpp soapC.cpp soapcalcProxy.cpp

And server:

C:\gsoap-2.7\gsoap\samples\calc++>cl -o calcserver++ calcserver.cpp stdsoap2.cpp

soapC.cpp soapcalcService.cpp

Next open another Visual Studio 2005 Command prompt;

In it run the calcserver as:

calcserver++.exe 80

And in previous window run calcclient as:

calcclient++ add 6 5

This will give output as



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