Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Buying a Printer

Recently I saw that our combined printout count has risen quite a bit. So it would be good to get a printer. Then started a number of rounds of price and feature comparisons for a printer.
Firstly there are two types of printers - laser and inkjet printers. If you look at the features a simple laser printer starts from INR 6K. A laser MFD(Multi-function device or all-in-one or Print-Scan-Copy) starts at 11K. I wanted a simple printer and a laser printer looked good. I could afford a 6K laser printer and didn't have to worry about ink cartridges drying if unused.
But then wife raised requirement for scanning too which meant looking for a MFD. Now the problem was a laser MFD was outside of my budget so that meant I had to look for inkjet MFD's. I started looking for various products and the cartridge prices. The cheapest inkjet all-in-one was Cannon Pixma MG2470. It costed only 2.5K. But then I looked at the cartridge prices and found out Cannon cartridges are quite costly. The cartridges for this printer went for 0.8K to 1.2K. While competing HP all-in-one cartridges started from 0.6K to 1K max. The HP Deskjet 2131 was the next cheapest all-in-one. It was feature comparable with the cannon and with cartridge prices in affordable category it was the logical choice. So I booked it on Flipkart.com and will get it in couple of days. Will share the actual experience in few more days.

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