Saturday, August 15, 2015

ZTE? Really?

I bought this INR4k ZTE Blade C totally on a whim. Its an incredibly basic android with a very limited feature set.
But it can do one thing that my incredible Xiaomi Redmi 1S couldn't do reliably. Play music. Without any issues.
The Redmi is an incredible handset. It's capable, it's got really nice android experience. But it's latest update broke music playing experience.
My other once in a while phone, the Samsung Omnia W, is still kicking. But I find windows phone 7 to be completely useless these days. I do use it once in a while as a nostalgia. But it cannot be my daily driver.
The ZTE with android 4.2.2 is far more palatable. The applications are all there. It's got almost similar battery backup. I can have the internet on and it won't smoke my phone. After applying the 2GB applications partitioning, I even have enough space for all the Apps I'm ever going to need.
So I'm officially back to ZTE Blade C. And yes it's a nice little phone. I'm not ditching the Xiaomi though since it's fluid android experience is still there best one can have. And its incredible for big thanks like typing this big post. And watching all the YouTube I want.
Btw bugwise the ZTE does have the battery indicator bug. But I think I have fixed it with Battery refresh app. Let's see.

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