Monday, August 24, 2015


So it was a long time since I had a good design on my blog. For a while I had left it with some green shade of generic style.
But since I am back to writing, thanks to some serious coding/managing/mangling/de-mangling experience from my latest project, I thought I would go ahead and dress up this blog nicely.

So I was looking for a simple template that would make it all look a bit stylish without any overhead. So I landed at the first link in a google search for "Simple blogger templates" at 
From there I looked about for something simple. And I ended up on this Metro style template. I just tried to replace the XML into Bloggers design template window and after applying it, my blog looked really nice.

Then I spent 10-15 minutes cleaning it out, removing unnecessary stuff etc and I have this beautiful blog now, I am feeling good.

And I guess, feeling good is all life's about!!!

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