Friday, October 3, 2014

The death of my Laptop

Sometimes things are going as usual and all of a sudden something fails. And as it happens usually the failure is unanticipated. And then starts thee scrambling phase where you start looking for alternatives. And ways to overcome this loss. And maybe if you are like me, you start to analyse the failure and try to understand where you failed.
So to start with, my laptop died last week. It was working fine and as it happens with all electronics, it just stopped. It wouldn't start. So I sent it to a nearby repair guy, who told me that the power circuit is dead. He will try replacing the burnt IC's.
Few days later I rang him up for updates and he said that the main board is dead. The replacement IC's also burned up. And so my laptop was gone to death, since I don't think there's any way to get a replacement board since the system was four year old.
Anyway, coming back to the analysis, I assumed that the system will continue to work. So I never made any plans for failure. Also I assumed the HDD would probably fail. So I had backup of all important data. But I didn't assume that I'll be without a system - ever. Which meant whatever projects I have running parallel to my job, they all are stuck for a fortnight. Thankfully I haven't taken any external work recently which meant I wasn't needed to really scramble.
So now I don't have a computer. I'm making do with my backup android phone. But its limited. And my projects which included learning a new technology and some not-so-critical development have stalled. And worst I don't have a budget allocated for a new computer. So I'm totally caught in a limbo here.
Well, let's see. I'm going to see if I can leave things as they are - means continuing with the android phone as a drop-in replacement and carry on. That sucks a bit. But you got choices and then payments, as they say!!!

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