Saturday, October 18, 2014

AMD Radeon official driver experience

For the Radeon 8330 GPU inside Lenovo g405 powered by AMD A4-5000 APU, I tried out the official driver on Ubuntu 14.04.
The situation is somewhat obscure. The official driver listed on AMD support page doesn't support Ubuntu 14.04. So I had to drop it.
There is one beta driver that supports Ubuntu 14.04 though. So I downloaded it and thought to try it. Took me some efforts to install it though, it just would not install in GUI Mode, problem shown as missing language packs.
Anyway I went ahead with text mode install. After rebooting though, no desktop. Only background with mouse cursor.
So I reverted to open source driver. Later I had another idea, so I went ahead and tried out the official driver available in jocky (proprietary drivers) tool. And after installing that one, I did get a desktop, but the brightness handles were gone.
After searching for a while and not finding anything anywhere, I again reverted to open source driver.
Thankfully that one works okay with my brightness handling script which ensures proper brightness value from Lenovo backlight class is passed to radeon-bl0 backlight class.

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