Saturday, April 12, 2014

[Thoughts] Senn HD 439 vs Panasonic ht515

Songs tested against on Samsung Omnia W
Bezuban from abcd
gangnam style
Sun raha hain - female  from Aashiqui 2
Saajna from I, me aur main
Teri jhuki nazar - murder 3

Let me call Panasonic p and sennheiser s.
P sounds good, but not excellent. It had reasonable amount of bass and the soundstage is good. The sound is on the warmer side. And if you haven't heard s then you might think p is great. Yeah its that good.
Now when you plug in s, the first thing you notice id that the highs are much more perfected on s. The bells and thrums of guitar sound fuller. The bass gets punchier. The sound experience becomes better by about 35%.
And that's that straight forward difference you hear. P are not bad headphones. In fact these used to retail at about 30% price of s's. And so these are excellent value for money. The pair I have is about five years old and even though it looks totally plasticky it has held through rough use. The cable is strong and doesn't have slightest cable noise. S's cable is thin and has slight cable noise.

Update: After more than 50 hrs of burning in, the soundstage has opened much more. The frequency response also seems slight different - consistent with the opened soundstage.

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