Monday, April 21, 2014

[Qt][Android] In my wildest dreams...(Qt Application on Android)

Yeah! I never thought I would professionally develop for Android! But the powers that pay me, have decided to port our product on to Android and so being the sole person available as of this moment I have been tasked with this enormous task!
Hell, I have even got a time line for this! 15 Days!

Now, I did visited the washroom afterwards and laughed my arse off!!! Some statistics for the task:
Approx 17000 LoC C++ STL/Qt
4-5 shared libraries being used by the project
Cross-platform code (Written for Win/Lin as main platforms)
PostgreSQL database being used
To top it all, the code has never been reviewed, forget about a proper audit. I have worked on parts and I have done my best to clean up about 4000LoC but remaining all is three-four year old crap that would give me nightmares if I dipped my toes in it...
Suddenly life has become a war for survival...:D

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