Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Android] Boot animation change, subsequent hangup and hard reset thereafter!

[UPDATE ] The hard-reset phone kept with old animation worked for a while but after I installed a s***load of apps, it went keput again! So had to do another hard reset; and this time after the reset I installed BAC (Boot Animation Changer) and restored the stock animation back.
Now I have re-installed almost all the apps and it's going okay. Hmmm, maybe no custom boot anim for me.
                                                                               --- *** ---

Just tried Boot Animation Changer on my Karbonn S1 Titanium. Had to root it first; framaroot took care of that. It's a nice app! Later I installed BAC(Boot animation changer) and put in an animation of Cynogenmod that I got hold of on a site.

After rebooting though, the karbon won't get to homescreen. The last three seconds of the animation kept repeating itself. So I had to factory reset it. So after couple of fiddly reboots, it's factory reset (Full factory reset + cache wipe!). And the cynogenmod boot animation is still there! So I am gonna keep it for now. Hussh! Was scared that I had bricked it! :D

Should get a recovery image prepared! But I am too tired these days to even dig in XDA-DEV site...

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