Saturday, January 25, 2014

A sleep starved day

Its the middle of the week. I have stayed up quite a while the previous night. So with about three and half hours sleep on my schedule I have been feeling foggy whole day. But I have slogged on through, moving code from one place to another, building the binaries and fixing whatever build issues I stumble upon.

It has been a grueling day spend fighting with messy code and various idiosyncracies anything that's fairly old seem to acquire. And now as I move in the train still about an hour away from home and one full hour into the return commute, my brain wants to shut down.

The shuffled playlist has Rihanna singing 'stay'. I know tonight I am gonna sleep like dead. I have pulled such ultra-late nights before. And I have seen too many foggy days. I miss my folks. I miss my cats. I miss the jungle. And its been so many years here, but I can't stop feeling like a refugee in this concrete jungle.

And Rihanna sings, 'I want you to stay', but it doesn't feel like there's anything here for me to stay!

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