Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Resetting the Omnia W

My Omnia W completed two and a half years in my hands this month. It has been a great journey so far. The phone has been great in my hands, the timely updates added to its charm and made it speedier. And its tough body has held through ay least half a dozen falls.
Recently though I was experiencing some hiccups and slight lag once in a while. So being the adventurous soul, I decided to go ahead and reset the phone.
Having gone through about half a dozen resets, I didn't miss any data and settings. Managed to get all the important stuff backed up.
So I reset it and after it restarted and came back with the initial setup, I went through the steps and added the accounts back. Its fairly straight forward process. And in about 20 minutes the phone was up and I was into the marketplace hunting my favorite apps.
After couple of hours of installing the various apps and setting up things to my liking, I noticed 10 updates. And to my pleasure, they were all to the Samsung supplied apps. So I got the WP8 screen lock, some Unicode support and a call block list. Impressive.
Plus I also noticed that the phone is running buttery smooth. Awesome WP, MS, and Sammy.

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