Monday, November 18, 2013

Battery replacements

Recently my Samsung's battery died after two and half years of use. After searching for a fair amount of time, I came across a seller who had some in stock. This listing I found on I promptly ordered one for the total cost of 469 INR.
Couple of days later when I got some time to look in local market, I searched for the battery for my phone. After going through 3-4 shops I got one at a shop for 700/-. Since the tradus order was at least 3-4 days to reach mw, I got it. Also since I wanted to check the one ordered online against this one.
So today on 18th Nov '13 the tradus order shipped. Its manufacturing date is later than the one I procured locally. It looks fairly standard. So now I have two batteries and my Sammy Omnia W's future looks bright.

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