Thursday, August 29, 2013

WP7 and the ActiveSync supported Host Internet Sharing

 Did you know that WP7 supports Host's Internet Sharing via Zune? To see that enable Airplane mode and connect your WP7 device to your computer. Now open zune, and let it connect to your phone. Once your phone is detected, open Internet Explorer on your phone and see if you can open any website. Provided your computer is connected to internet, websites should open on your phone.

You must also know that media access is not allowed in a WP7 device while connected to computer. Which means that you can't really use the computer's internet connection to do much useful things. But if your WP7 device is unlocked then you can use WPHack to enable media access while connected to computer and that make it possible to use your WP7 device as normal internet connected device where you can download anything, store it in phone storage and as such. It also allows you to update apps/ install new ones from marketplace/ download stuff from internet via various apps. In short, it makes your WP7 device even better!

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