Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Experience creating and deploying Hello world app for windows phone

Recently I unlocked my Samsung Omnia W which I previously upgraded to WP7.8 using Heathcliff's unlock for Samsung second generation devices. Afterwards I got hold of some xap's and deployed them to the phone to test out the unlock and things worked out quite well.
Thus now I have a device that I can code for and put my code in. So just to test the development environment I tried installing the SDK and coding a simple Hello World app for my wp.
There I ran into a few problems and I had to run circles to find solutions / workarounds for them. The first problem was I had WP7 sdk which is incompatible with Windows 8 (which is my current desktop OS of choice along with elementoryOS). So after looking at a few workarounds for the incompatibility which involved downloading a few update packages and messing with the system. I discarded them since I didn't want to mess with my Win8 installation which is already finicky enough.
So I decided to keep the existing WP7 SDK install since I can use Application Deployment tool from it. I created a new Win7 VM in VirtualBox, and installed the WP7 SDK in there. After installing SDK, I created Hello World app which was straight forward. Then I thought I would deploy this to the phone directly. But this didn't work. Somehow the Win7 VM would error out on attaching the phone as a USB Peripheral. And I had run out of patience by then. So I copied the created xap to Host Win8 system and used Application Deployment tool from there to put it into the phone.
Later search revealed that WP8 SDK can be used to create and deploy WP7 applications as well. But it's another 1.6GB download so I am sticking with my current VM setup as it is.
Now I'm looking for a good idea to make it into an app. Hopefully I'll find some more use of my Omi as I like to call it.

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