Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SDM - SATA disk module

For last few days I have been working on a SDM based system. The goal was to setup a lightweight system with a SDM instead of a SATA hdd as main storage. The concern was that the SDM is supposed to have write failure protection. This will prevent data corruption in case of power failure.
The SDM was an apacer module and was of 4GB capacity. As I had worked on such small scale systems the task of installation and configuration was handed to me.
The installation was straight forward. We were going to start with a minimal CentOS Desktop and add extra packages as per need. So to safely test it I started with a 4GB virtual machine in VirtualBox.
I installed CentOS in it and that took about 1.6GB of available space. Next I put a minimal QT and QWT library package plus our Client software on top of that. This consumed about 300 MB of more space. Finally I installed PostgreSQL v9.1 as required. This took another 180MB after creating the empty databases etc.
Later I installed telnet, vsftpd and x11vnc servers. And our machine was ready. Configuring so many pieces of software was complex task but I had help from implementation veterans.
After it was all tested fine, we replicated it on DOM.
So after about 3 days of work, our DOM based Client is ready. Later the implementation guys imaged the setup for replicating on multiple machines.
It was good exercise in that I get to know CentOS better and also so much configuration helped me better understand the various parts and pieces of the configuration for the software involved.
Later I performed some database performance and storage profiling for this DOM based system. It was found that with our current data acquisition profile we can comfortably store at least 10 days worth of data on such a system. This added with power failure protection makes it a good solution.

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