Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GPS run/cycling trackers

I have wanted to track my exercise for a long of time. But I don't exercise that much - couple of long walks a week plus some aerobics. So I really was being lazy at it. But I've decided to up my efforts and so I was looking for an app that would help me keep track of my efforts and the amount of distance I passed on and the speeds etc.
After going through the measly no of such apps on my WP Omnia, I stumbled across "run the map". And after using it for a few times I think it's a great app for tracking your exercise.
The main interface is divided into 3 pages - first page shows Recorder i.e. speed, distance and elapsed time. This page also has start-stop button as well as exercise selector. Below these, we get current values for speed and altitude.
Next page is maps which shows your real time path updated at regular intervals.
The last page is mixed mode where you get to see both the map and recorder values.
Also available are features to export GPX or KML files of your runs which you can import on other services and apps for interoperability.
Overall "run the map" is a great exercise map tracker.

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