Saturday, March 9, 2013

The six w's

Journalism has a principle. Its called the principle of five W's. It means when you are covering any incident you must cover the What's, Why's, Who's, Where's, When's, and How's that incident.

I have found out that if we add a Start and End to this then I can effectively use this in my everyday life to get proper info about things to do and save some falling on face to me. So I have consciously tried to use this small methodology for last few years and the results have been great. These basic questions have propelled me in correct direction to concise and complete information. Oftentimes I wondered what's the significance of this particular thing that I'm working on to my organization. And thankfully these questions have steered me to the correct path and providing me the correct value of my work which has given me much morale boost.

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