Friday, March 8, 2013

A search for the perfect Linux distro

I have known about Linux since 2003. I have tried a number of different distributions and I have found many amazing things about each and every one of them. But sadly none have been the ONE distro.
The longest I have stuck with was Ubuntu and that would be about three years. The second longest is elementary is which is the current distro of my choice.
My criteria is simple - the OS has to be lightweight and fast. Things should work out of box with respect to hardware. There should be enough settings. And the UI must look polished enough.
For a time Ubuntu worked perfectly. But after they introduced Unity I kind of lost it with them. The lack of settings, the lacking performance and the overall unfinished nature made me dump it. Right at that time elementary 0.2 was made available as alpha. And being adventurous I got on board. Till now elementary is working fine. It has the polish, the speed and the configuration options also look good. The problem is with applications. The applications available just don't do any justice to Elementary. Maybe when they will get their own apps rolling and ready, things will look better but till now we have this mismash that feels weird to use. The elementary apps all have clean UIs, the GTK apps have traditional UI with menu bar, status bars, tool bars and so on. Then there are QT apps which look altogether different and so we end up like feeling we are using a tricycle whose three wheels are all three different sizes. And frankly that sucks!
So the search goes on for the perfect distro. Till then I'll of course keep using the tricycle.

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