Monday, December 24, 2012

3G, social networking and work

I recently and grudgingly upgraded my cellular internet to 3G. Actually 2G sufficed for most of my needs which was basic document editing and emails. Add a bit of web browsing and Facebook, Twitter. All that was doable on 2G and if I used my cellphone - should say smartphone, but it's WP7.5, and I like calling phones as cellphones - as a hotspot then with some patience I can even get some work done. What I can't do is access online banking. By the time the applets load the session expires.
So back to 3G, the first thing I noticed was the speed. I'm not a speed junkie but the speed made me find a speed test app and check it out. And by God, I got 5 freaking mbps down and 1.6mbps up. I have never browsed web at such speeds. Things snap up like lightening and coupled with IE the whole browsing experience felt like turbocharged. Another area was the Facebook and twitter integration. The info in people hub, updates on posts and communications would load spontaneously. It has been exhilarating for me using 3G and even though I have to shell out INR 252 ~= $5 for 1GB, I feel like for the speed its worth it. Hmmm, maybe they should show users browsing on 3G as compared to 2G in the ads. That would show most people what we are missing.
Next is social networking and I can say that Facebook has helped get in touch with many of my old friends - school friends with whom I had lost contact. So social networking is in full gear these days.
Also on a side note IM+ is helping me greatly with chat. Well, one life saving app on wp7.5!
Lastly about win8, I've been using it regularly for some time now and my outlook about it hasn't changed much. Using it on a touch screen is probably going to be much better than using it on a vanilla laptop. So I guess I have done all to see if win8 has any use for me. And I'll be going back to win7 soon. Don't think there's anything on win8 that I'm gonna miss, maybe the task manager but I should get something like that for win7 too!
That's ot from this side of planet. Adios!

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