Monday, October 1, 2012

intermittent cellular

For last one week I have been plagued with intermittent cellular connection issues. I have switched to Uninor 2G and the plan is 6 GB data for 90 INR ( that's about $1.7 ) Its really cheap when considered to Airtel which gave only 1GB 2G data for INR 98.
Anyway tye problem is that the connection has not been consistent. Sometimes it would work great giving me a speed of 15-20KBps which is commendable for 2G. But then sometimes I start losing data packets and so everything starts crawling. The drop is sometimes as high as 50%. This I found out using ping. So I'm going to see for next couple of weeks if they get their S••• Together or I'll have to find another provider.
I wish I had a 500 - 700 INR budget for internet but I don't have much use for internet beyond mails and some news. Everything else comes under pastime. So I don't want to spend so much money on pastime. I would rather go to a walk when I'm bored. Or go to a nearby temple for that matter. :)

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