Sunday, October 14, 2012

Elementary OS Luna Daily Build Review coming soon

I have been using Elementary OS Luna for about a fortnight and I think elementary has reached a stage where I can safely review it. I had refrained from this because like they say "it ain't done yet and sou should wait for the pickle to get ready or it won't taste the best." So with elementary the pickle is yet to get prime, but whatever stage I have in my hands is good enough that I'm going to be telling you about it.

On a side note, this is going to be a OS review from me in quite some time. The reason being I am quite exhausted these days thanks to the Six Day week I have to bear at my current organization. Well, that as it may be, still I find elementary enough exciting that I'll be putting aside some energy for this task.


Update 23 10 2012: Due to some problems persisting with 64-bit Luna Live CD and partly my stupidity I have managed to lose the screen caps and half the review I had written. Luckily the system is up now. So I think I'll test all the parts again - it's 64-Bit beast now! - and I'll get back with the promised review. I'll also share the software compilation. The complete ISO runs to 1.1GB as of now. And I think software wise it's almost complete.

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