Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My zen (mozaic) side

***This is not a review!

Why: I broke my 2 years faithful Zen V Plus when it left my hands and sailed on it’s final fall on the concrete surface of the road; the blame is one me for handling it so! Later I collected all it’s pieces which were one part display, other part the bottom board and the badly broken display cable. It was beyond salvage!
When: Unfortunately I didn’t have a decent cellphone to help me listen to music. (Actually I like to keep my music separate from cellphone! ) Well, I managed couple of months and then it became impossible to live to the silence; so I did a fair bit of market research and almost settled on a Sony Ericsson Walkman 4GB basic model, but after seeing it in person I was turned off at it’s toy like appearance – apparently I’m one of those guys who don’t like toy like gadgets! I like my gadget’s serious! :D
How: Anyway, so after some more market research and fair bit of nail biting, I settled on the zen mosaic. Actually the shop where I bought this, showed me a Transcend 4GB MP3 player for 2200; and my previous experience with Transcend had been very good! (My transcend t610 2GB is alive to the day – now being used by my Dad! And with it’s marathon ~20hrs playback time it’s a legend!). The zen mosaic went for 2500/- INR ~= $50.

But I liked the appearance and sound quality of the zen mosaic. I believe I’m an audiophile – budget minded though! So I didn’t touch the bundled earphones, but rather plugged in my Philips earbuds and they produced very good sound! (Yeah, very good because they sound like hell awaken when connected to my Laptop with Winamp + Jammix Enhancer DSP Plug-in! This combo has spoiled me! ) Anyway besides, mosaic had very positive reviews. 

After 2 Months: Well, I’m satisfied by Mozaic. It’s good enough with what it’s supposed to do! It’s not the best of the crop, but then at the price it’s got good price to performance ratio. Creative’s software is very good to navigate and quickly apply settings etc. It’s got MTP mode, which helps in quickly transferring files! So I can use Linux for transferring files too! And it’s cute enough that I have stitched a sachet for it – kind of like cell phone cover, but made of cotton cloth and I have also done a frog design on it!

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