Monday, April 23, 2012

Couple of annoying things

Visual effects are often times pleasing, add a value to the experience and increase usability. Yet more often or not we come across some things that irk even the most patient of us. There have been few such things for me. I'll list them below:

1. KDE's busy pointer: Seriously how can be couple of balls rotating around is in any way relational to busy? In my opinion a clock, or a spinning hourglass (classic busy pointer), or a flashing icon of the busy app, or a circular arrow are more closer in meaning to busy.

2. Unity's launch feedback for newly launched application when the said app is not in focus ( the icon shake ): A bright glowing/flashing icon suits this action more than the current feedback which I call as "icon shake". Windows 7 has a better implementation for this (Bright yellow highlighted icon).

3. Windows 7 application launch as well as close effects: I don't know if other people find this as affecting to them, but our perception of how snappy any system is, is based on how quickly the apps launch. Especially how quickly the windows materialize on the screen. And so I have found out that windows 7 is pretty fast when it comes to launch apps but the launch effect just makes it feel slower. You can see this with the classic mode - the windows launch really quick. And once you have used the classic mode for a bit of time you can not un-notice the delay.

4. And last but not least the text on my newly installed Ubuntu 12.04 Precise is not as precise as it should be. And I'm annoyed at the fact that I'm not able to find the settings for font shading and antialiasing.

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