Monday, April 11, 2011

My current OS's of use - Apr 2011

For last few weeks all I am doing on my laptop is editing some documents. The work is boring, very regular and doesn't need more than 10% utilization of my brain. Sucks! But they say
"not everybody shall climb everests, most will run home to office and back! And it will be boring!"

So it's some quite time - I start the machine, put up the headphones, queue up coupe of albums in Totem and open the two documents - one a scanned copy and the other is the digital one. And then I go on typing, and typing and ........

Not very exciting. So I have OpenOffice 2.3 on my  Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 which I have for a while - approx. 7 Months!. I have Linux Mint too - Mint 10 Julia - and I have been using it for couple of months. I prefer Mint to Ubuntu, but I need Ubuntu for my programming.

And there's the windows - windows 7 Ultimate - which I reinstalled after couple of months of use, I messed it up completely by installing Visual Studio 2010/ MS SQL Server 2008 and lots of software. MS Visual Studio is the worst of all. It installs so much stuff and never removes anything when you remove it!

So anyway as of now I have 3 OSes with GRUB 2 as my boot loader.

I am going to switch to Ubuntu 11.04 when it's released on 28th of this month (28/04/2011 ). I'll probably create a spin using remastersys and I have used remastersys. It works well!

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