Friday, April 22, 2011

The Jaitapur Nuclear Reactor - A Dream Threatening to Come True!!! [Parody]

'Few' lies of Government regarding Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant.
1) Jaitapur comes in Seismic Zone no. 3(actually it comes in no. 4. as per Govt. Meteorological Dept.(from RTI))
2) Its rocky and barren land, no agriculture and forest gonna affect. (is Kokan a rocky and barren land? Govt. is giving compensation of hundreds of farmers. then how the hell agriculture is not being affected.)
3) Radiation cures cancer.(OMG.. I think Govt. should shut all its cancer hospitals and should transfer cancer patients into the 'Special Ward' in Nuclear Reacter)
4) Nuclear Power Plants enriches surrounding biodiversity.(काय संबंध???)
5) Indian Nuclear Reactors are safe than japan as we have good technology.(औकात में रहो..)
6) 'We' will build such a nuclear reactor which can survive in 'possible' earthquake.(Few years ago Japanese govt. would also have telling the same to its people)
7) Only 35 died in Chernobyl Accidents.(WHO tells the no. is in Millions. The height of Shamelessness)
8) Nuclear Spend Fuel is Recycled(even America is still dealing with the problem of Nuclear Waste disposal)

9) Increase in sea water temperature by few 3-4degrees will increase breed of fishes. (a 4 yr old boy of fishermen will laugh on this)

This much lies are sufficient for you my dear friend to make you Wake Up????

I have some say on few points - and I am painting a Grim picture here:

* Jaitapur is about 90KM from my hometown and I won't have a Reactor within 100KM from my hometown which I plan to have as a last ditch shelter when the WW3 starts! :D

1) The Govt is lying on this point! And they don't even have the decency to check their own sources!!!

2) Anybody can go and see on Google maps/ earth that Jaitapur area is not at all barren - again Govt lies. And if govt sees Jaitapur as barren then the whole f***ing Maharashtra is barren and f***ing Rocky!

3) This point shows how much the IQ level of our Govt - inko Japan mein bhejna chahiye Reactor clean karne ke liye - inke dimaag ka cancer theek hoga!!!

4) Once again I really want to feed this govt to the reactor instead of Reactor Fuel!!!!

5) This brought out a laugh! Really, I know how capable us indians are, but I also know how capable our politicians are at eating/ swallowing/ guzzling things!!! And I am actually hoping that they eat this reactor completely! (My children will say - babani tar sangitle hote ithe reactor bananar aahe, aani mag aaplya kade 24 taas light ani samudrache garam paani yeil! :D )

6) I hope they build one that will survive a terrorist attack!

7) Yeah - the history is gonna say Maharashtra Govt died in Jaitapur! Seriously this Govt should participate in The Laughter Challenge! They can't get their figures right? What's wrong with these A******s? Or is it wrong of me to expect these lazy babus to get the figures right?

8) I bet they are going to recycle it in backyard of "Varsha" - CM's residence! And some minister will sell that to Pakistan to make few billion $$ Reactor Fuel Ghotala!

9) There is no reason to question this wisdom! People bring down this govt! You can do this least of all!

Kokanche California banavun jhale - aata Kokanche Chernobyl Banva!!! Tourism aajun wadhel - tourist yetil The Famous Jaitapur Reactor baghayla - jyat Reactor Fuel Ghotala jhala, jyacha slab bandhatanach 2-3 vela padla, jyacya radioactive panyane Kokan/ govyachya masemariche teen tera vajle, jyachyawar terrorist attack jhala aani jo Bhookamprahit hota to Terrorist grenades ni kosalala!

p.s. Tourist radioactivity protection suites madhe pan ghotala hoil!

The above said reactor is a fictional project in a fictional universe. This is in no way related to the one about which all the outrage can be heard in Newspapers and all over Konkan in this Month April of Year 2011! I request you to consider the matter so and no sue me because I won't take it kindly being a Kokani Manoos! 

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