Saturday, January 22, 2011

[Site Info] Changes to Layout

Getting Philosophical Aren't We? Whatever! Finally I thought I needed to spend some time to clean up this place, order things around and try to make it look better and at the same time different. I hope the new layout, the pages and the content etc look better than ever. To my eyes it does, but I don't trust my eyes - especially with [-4.5,-4.5] spectacles filtering everything that reaches my brain. 
BTW last night I saw my Laptop screen without spects and it looked remarkably flat!(No kidding here!)
As change is my nature I don't think this layout will stay this way for more than a month. But then again I have lots of things going around that hog my time. So it might stay this way for quiet some time. I certainly hope so! Anyway I hope this doesn't completely suck(Fingers Crossed). 

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