Monday, January 3, 2011

Create Bootable Windows 7 Installer USB Drive

With introduction of Netbooks we seem to have embraced the USB era completely. But still we don't find the installer for Operating Systems. Guess, we'll reach there in couple of years (Kiddin' 10-15 Yrs still...). But till then the Bootable ISO's (CD/DVD's ) are the ultimate OS  installation media. 
Well, netbooks don't have any CD/VD Drive, and wasting a CD/DVD on a single OS Install is Paap in my eyes. Also what if you can't find an external CD/DVD Drive! But the pen drives(USB Drives) have become so cheap and commonplace that it's very easy to get hold of one. 
So we have a CD,DVD /an ISO of our favorite windows and we want to put it to a USB Drive for Installation, What do we need?

WinToFlash is a great software that has done the Job a number of times for Me! 
Get It Here!

After downloading the Latest Beta and extracting the content to a Folder, run the exe and Accept the terms. In the Main Program Window you'll see 'Windows Setup Transfer' wizard. Click 'Next', select Windows Files Path and USB Drive (The File Path is your CD/DVD Drive). Clicking Next will start the Process. 
This will erase all the files on the selected Drive so backup any data you might have in there. Also  double check that you have selected proper drives or you may end up losing a partition on your Harddisk.

After the process is finished, 'Safely Remove' the USB drive and boot the Other PC using that to start Windows Setup. 


***For those who want to copy files from an Image, you need to mount that Image in a Virtual Drive and then use that Drive letter as Windows file path. 

You can use Daemon Tools for Virtual Drive Purposes. It's light and easy to use. 
Get it here!
If you're new to Deamon Tools please take a look at the FAQ here!

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