Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Grown : 1. AJAX-LAMP Introduction

What is AJAX? What is LAMP?

LAMP-> Linux Apache Mysql PHP. The acronym stands for the powerful applications we can build by using these four components. Linux is the OS. Apache is the Web Server. Mysql is the Database. And PHP is the language of choice for Server Programming. Thus these four together make for a powerful combination.

AJAX means Asynchronous Javascript And XML. AJAX is not a language but a technology which allows us to make server requests using Javascript without leaving current page and depending on the response we can Modify current page's content with the help of Javascript.
One simple example would be user enter something in one part of our page and he wants some operation done on that data without leaving the page. Lets say user has a form where he enters his ID and he wants to check whether he's there in the database or not, before filling a lengthy form. Here AJAX comes handy. Using AJAX we can send a request to server as soon he's entered his ID and check for it's existance.
These days AJAX is used widely to do a variety of tasks. Usually the pages load the Important matter so that the User can go on with whatever he's doing on the page and remaining stuff is loaded per request or in staggered manner. Also using AJAX we can do so many small tasks (like checking User ID in above case) very efficiently.

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