Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Customization Freeze

I'm freezing my Ubuntu Customization and Beautification Project today.

I've done many interesting things to my Ubuntu Distro to get this beautiful desktop. I've obtained the optimum setting. Whatever I do forward from this point of time would probably mess up this. So I'm calling it a day.

The only feel I have right now is AWE at how Linux lets us customize everything. And trust me you can't do this kind of thing with other Proprietary software.

Here I'll summarize the customizations. Many of these we have already covered before in this post.

1. Replacing Gnome Panel with Avant Window Navigator.
2. Replacing gtk-window-decorator with Emerald.
3. Installing conky with appropriate settings.
4. Changing the login screen.

Here I've set Dark theme for AWN. I've moved the conky window to top left corner by editing '~/.conkyrc'

I believe we have covered point 1, 2 & 3 before. So for 4th Point:
>Why change login screen?
The default screen looks great, but I've a habit of changing the wallpapers once in a while. So I want the interface look very consistent right from the beginning. Now I'd changed the login screen wallpaper to match the one on my desktop. So it feels like I'm at my desktop right off from the login. From what research I've done I've found we can set a wallpaper for grub, and then for the booting process too. Well, if someone go to all that trouble that'll surely be great. But I'm constrained by time.

>How to do it?
There are two simple commands that achieve this. For ease of use I've put them into two script files for ease of use. But before that please copy your choice of wallpaper into /usr/share/backgrounds.


I've put [SPACE] and [ENTER] for the sake correct readability. What this command does is simple. This puts a link for gnome-appearance-properties in gdm's login window folder. So next time we boot we'll see a Appearance dialog. So we restart now.
We'll set a background here from the second tab just like the Appearance dialog on desktop. Then we close this dialog and login to desktop.


Here we remove the previously copied desktop shortcut. Thus the Appearance dialog wont come up the next time at login.

That's it! There's so much that can still be changed. But not now. I'll be back but when, I don't know. Till then, keep fiddling with it till it feels right.

 My current Desktop:

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