Monday, May 31, 2010

The time passing by...

We believe that we are great time managers.

At least I firmly believe the said thing. And yet there's a book sitting on my table for last 3 weeks waiting to be read. And every morning I wake up look at it and promise myself that I'll finish it in few days. The few days of mine are more than three weeks.

Life's that.

So where are we moving? This is another question I seem to be asking myself many times these days and frankly I don't have any answer. Things are boring around as usual. There's hardly any excitement, rush or pure, clouding fun. But once again I'm alone and hardly in any mood to give a damn for all these things that are - around me. Again a looooooooong Sighhhhhh. And Life's that.

Goals. Yes there are goals. But they don't feel fresh. It's as if life needs a fresh breath and this stagnency need to be removed.

Time is passing by and besides jumping at some unknown thing and invite chaos (Read: Wonderful Chaos) in this peaceful life, I've nothing else to do.

Yes Life's that.

p.s. I think this post is meaningless.

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