Tuesday, May 30, 2017

3rd Service of Hero Duet

    We have been struggling with the leaking front fork seals for a while and Pratibha Motors Authorized Service Center didn't have the replacements for about a month. So I searched and found Mulraj Auto Authorized Service Center. Wife took the bike there for servicing. Next day we got the bike back. Actually previously we were looking only for seals replacement, but by the time the bike reached the service center it had covered about 3100KM, so we thought to get the 3rd servicing done. 
    The bill was INR 430/-. They had tightened the bike. Looking at the engine assembly it looked like it's all opened up and put together. The bike was cleaned, with grease applied to brakes etc. The leaking seals were fixed of course. The idling was tuned a bit and the scooter doesn't stop while idling. But still it idles like a haffing dog!!! I checked it out with a 5km short ride, and I could see the difference in pickup. Maybe they replaced the faulty crankshaft and flywheel. So the bike is very peppy now from idle. Previously the torque would come after you have crossed initial dog-zone where it was like 5yr old activa. Now it's comparable to Jupitor in terms of pick-up and acceleration. 
    To test it out further we decided on a long ride to Lavasa next saturday. The distance is about 100km. The traffic till Pirangut was light, and after that no traffic. We had fun riding the empty roads doing 60-70. Also we came to know about the engine overheating problem. The engine was almost fine till 40Km and we reached Temghar Dam fine. Since then it's uphill climb and the engine heated up and started knocking and puttering. But it was just few more km to Lavasa so we didn't stop. Just kept going. It was funny hearing the engine do putt-pott and have the bike do hee-haww. But it got us to Lavasa Entry gate. 
    We did not have any plans to go ahead and visit Lavasa. The 200Rs per bike entry fee confirmed our belief that Lavasa is not worth any repeat visit. So we had Chai-Poha in a nearby hotel and started our return journey. The Chai was awesome and we had two cups each. Also there were about 2 dozen bikers each on a Duke/Pulsar/Enfield etc. 
    By the time we left the bike had cooled off. So not much engine putt-pott till we reached Hinjewadi. Also the traffic kept us at low speeds of 30-40. By the time we reached Hinijewadi it was 10'o'clock and the heat had climbed up several degrees and so the engine started knocking a bit. But we kept to low speeds and reached home safely. 
    So after 3rd servicing the Duet is doing much better. But still there are issues. Also we didn't measure the fuel consumption this time. But I think I should start on the fuel part to see how much fuel efficient the Duet is after 3 Services. Lets see. Ciao!

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