Thursday, March 16, 2017

Using Intex AquaFish as a daily driver for a month

It just so happened that AquaFish was the only smartphone I had at hand when my Nubia temporarily died. I used AquaFish for almost a month and these are my findings.
It's a good device - screen is good, call quality is above average, Sailfish OS runs well, almost no weird behavior like dropping signals/missing SMS/ call hanging. Telephony was quite good. The handset feels good in hand and I had people asking me which this orange phone is!!! The crown is of course Sailfish's gesture driven UI. It's quite natural and I have never missed android's home/recent/back buttons.
The UI is responsive and there were not one native application hangups. Few android applications hanged up in various use cases - e.g. WhatsApp with GIF's etc. Not a huge deal breaker. The SD Card support worked fine, MTP connection to Laptop Windows/Linux was solid. No weird 0 Byte files or anything. Camera worked fine. In fact I captured some good photos. I have attached a snap here. Notifications worked and the so like quick toggles were more than enough.
Overall good experience. I can say Sailfish OS 2.0 is indeed ready for the masses.
Now the negatives:
One of the biggest hurdle that I faced was Sailfish OS yet doesn't support Enterprise WiFi networks which meant I was offline in office time, because I am not subscribed to any data packs right now.
Second issue is there are boundary bugs - like multiple SMS reception and call connect disconnect related issues. There's more missing functionality like Keyboard autocorrect, more multi-lingual support, and some enhanced system functions like Battery monitor. From customization and home-screen point of view
Sailfish is on par with android - especially if you ignore replacement home-screens. To be frank I prefer Sailfish approach to home-screen and find it more usable and unique. But then again Sailfish has it's own quirks like the five second action timer - this complicates certain action like deleting pictures etc. There should be a better approach to this.
Still there are a lot of positives and far less negatives. This says something about the tremendous work Jolla guys are doing with a small team.
Looking forward to Sailfish OS 2.1 lijoki!

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