Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My App Usage

I tried to list my general app usage; and am going to try to compare this to apps on Sailfish OS. Will update this post in few days as I find Sailfish OS alternatives.

App Categories: Android: Sailfish
Archive Application: 7Zipper: ??
Download Manager: ADM: ??
WiFi/Bluetooth PC Share: Airdroid/ ShareIT: ??
Messenger: WhatsApp: WhatsApp(Android)
ToDo List: ClearList(F-Droid):??
Compass: Compass:??
File Manager: ZenUI File Manager: ??
Browser: Firefox: ??(Inbuilt maybe?)
Food Ordering: Foodpanda: Foodpanda (Android)
Mobile Recharge: Freecharge: Freecharge(Android)
GMail Client: Official Gmail: ??
Navigation: Google Maps, Here We Go, OSMAnd~: Here We Go
Music: Internal(Apollo Music Player, Not Google Play Music):Internal
Video Player: VLC: Internal(Will have to check support for various files)
Office: WPS Office: Internal/WPS Office(Android)
YouTube Client: YouTube Android: ??
YouTube Downloader: Videoder: ??(Videoder android ??)

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