Saturday, May 16, 2015

Update on Redmi 1S

In my last post about the Redmi 1S at Jan end, I had mentioned that I was using Adria ROM on it. And it was quite good. But the free memory was not much and after a while I got tired of using the same miui.
So for Feb and half of march I dug out my faithful Samsung Omnia W with WP7. And I hung out with it. Then by march end I still didn't have the miui 6 for Redmi. So I decided to try out mokee ROM. And to my surprise found it to be very stable.
There was a lollypop version too. So I tried out lollypop for couple of weeks. And found out that the battery life was taking a hit. Otherwise it was fine experience.
Then I had an idea about reverting to KitKat mokee ROM and see how good it is. Turned out it was even better. I am getting same battery life as Xiaomi's original ROM. And its way smoother and lighter than lollypop.
So I'm using Redmi these days. It's a great little phone. And with Mokee KitKat ROM, its going strong too.

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