Friday, June 21, 2013

Refactoring n configuring

We have a set of scripts in one of the products in my current company. I have been maintaining them for last six months. They are simple scripts which perform some routine maintenance task like logging etc.
So I have been steadily improving them and adding more options and hardening them. But I wasn't able to spend some considerable time and finish them off with some real world unit testing and accompanying documentation with guidelines for use in various scenarios.
I finished this big task this week. I have made considerable changes to make them very configurable so that they can be used in one of 7-8 possible use cases with minimal amount of changes. I also added logging capability and fine tuned it. That was a feature we were jn sore need of having. The logging capability will let us perform statistical analysis based on the logs. Overall this was the one great task of the week.
On the documentation front I have created a standard document which depicts all the scenarios in which the scripts will be used and I have provided samples for the use cases too. I think this is going to help our implementation team a lot. 

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