Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What happened to Ubuntu

Ubuntu has been my most favorite favor of Linux to date. Canonical got a lot of things right. They are using Deb packages and I think after using CentOS for last two months, DEBs murder RPM. They got liveCD installer. They got wubi - which is how I tried Ubuntu at first. They almost got software center right. Apt is awesome but the update manager front end was not too bad itself.
They should have gotten Unity right because Unity had the appeal. What they screwed up was releasing Unity in the wild when it was not ready.
It didn't have the thorough support. It couldn't run without hardware acceleration. It was unstable and buggy. And because of this the speed was never realized. If I'm to use Ubuntu right now I think I would like Unity with the number of features, the current speed and stability.
Alas! I have converted to Elementary OS and I've become a fanatic. The speed, the looks and the simplicity is worth the few features missing. My vision for an OS would be the speed of win98 with the stability of win7.
I think Elementary is not far from that with the added bonus of looking so sexy!!! Good software is difficult to write and maintain. It takes huge efforts. And I respect the efforts Canonical has spent in Unity but they screwed the execution.

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