Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Words on Linux Mint 13

LM13 was released a few days ago and me being a mint fan aptly downloaded and installed the 64-bit variant with Cinnamon Desktop. I also went through a number of reviews to see what others have noticed. The overall tone was Cinnamon Mint has come up together as a really good distro though there are many small corners that need polish.
After using Mint 13 for last couple of weeks I can see that it's true. Mint 13 is an excellent distro and the mix of applications, the usability and the character as an Desktop OS are it's main features. And no other Linux distro can beat it right now. In fact as of now I don't find myself going back to Windows or my tried and trusted Ubuntu 10.10 installation anymore.
The things that need polishing are few enough that they shouldn't prove to be a deal breaker. One thing I noticed is that we need a better interface for appearance customization. The colors and themes are good enough but we need something splashy and vibrant looking. Maybe they need some Windows Metro colors.
Right now LM 13 is very well positioned with Mate being there for people who need a fast desktop while Cinnamon being the one for people who have fast machines and like the effects.

p.s. I think I haven't been fair to Mint 13. It's an excellent OS and everyday I use it I appreciate the work done by the Linux Mint Team more and more. I think I am too tired to write anything more. 

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