Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Code Conversion from C#.NET to VB.NET

Developer Fusion offers free online code conversion service and it is of better quality than almost all others. The URL for the same is as follows:

You can follow following steps to convert one whole project from C#.NET to VB.NET:

1. Create empty VB.NET project.

2. Create the necessary forms – Don't add any controls; we'll copy them from respective forms in C#.NET project in following step.

4. Go to code for the forms and add Import for all assemblies required (using * statements in C#.NET project – which you can paste in the URL above to get imports * statements)

3. Copy all controls in a form and paste the in respective forms.

4. Add the extra class variables (Convert respective code to VB.NET using above URL).

5. Add constructors and methods you have added to the forms(Convert respective code to VB.NET using above URL).

6. Finally add event handlers (Convert respective code to VB.NET using above URL).

7. Compile and test the VB.NET code.

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