Thursday, December 8, 2011

Music Fail

I love working on things with music running in the background. The beat is a necessary thing to help me concentrate on my work. Also it's a way for me to get full concentration in my work. I don't use music libraries, instead I just play the albums one at a time depending on my mood. On windows nothing beats Winamp's explorer shortcut which lets me play my music folderwise, and since I have my music well arranged it's just a matter of few clicks to get the groove.
On Linux though things are a bit different. The functionality available in winamp/windows is just not available anywhere. The best I can manage is with opening Totem and dragging the folder to it. Banshee and Rhythmbox don't accept dragged directories. In fact they even won't even accept m3u playlist. (This might be mitigated in latest releases - I tried on Ubuntu 10.10. Will try the same thing on 11.10 and update here.) This is certainly FAIL for people like me who don't like (or don't know/use ) the whole music libraries concept.
And one plus with Totem is that it recognises my Laptop's Multimedia Function buttons helping me switch between track with one key press which is a huge plus especially when I'm working in Open/Libre Office or coding.

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  1. Well, I had some experience with latest Amarok and it still remains as messy as ever. I think it's the problem with KDE as a whole. They need to clean up the widgets and the whole lot of stuff they cram in every widget. We need some clean lines and contrasting colors and uncluttered interface!