Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Commodore is Back!!!

C64x: A Commodore 64 with Blu-Ray, Dual-Core Processors, and More

The commodore is back. And this time it's going to kick some serious ass!

I've been keeping tabs on the Amiga world for quite some time. There were a number of projects going on to revive it but since the bankruptcy of Commodore, the PC has moved far ahead. It was time for Amiga(Or commodore) to leave the non-budding PowerPC Platform and move to X86. Alas! The OS was crippled with legal matters so Commodore USA takes things in their hand with a new team and rebirths a classic commodore. 

There are many developments going on the OS scene, since this commodore doesn't ship with Amiga OS and that has some purists crying foul. But seriously how far are you going to stretch the Age Old Amiga OS? It's time it either had some new radical development (Which is not going to happen!) or some other OS replaced it. 

Here Commodore USA's strategy seems very practical. Linux is the best choice of OS to put into this commodore. And for people who want VERY Amiga-like experience, they can look around for AROS (AROS Research OS).

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