Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Festival Time

Yes Folks!!! It's Diwali. So Happy Diwali to You All!!!

And Since I'm off on a small vacation from Tomorrow (About a Week), I'll summarize things in last few days and few happening things too.
I just finished with The Home Grown series - Tutorial for LAMP. And I also exhausted my knowledge of LAMP there. So I'm working on getting some new things in my small head.

I'll start with jQuery/Prototype, whichever catches my fancy and there'll be something coming on that soon. On other fronts, I've finished solidifying my Ubuntu 10.10 distro and it's working very well. I'll move to Fedora 14 now.
Time to test some different waters.

Next there is an ongoing debate on Unity Vs. Gnome Shell.
Well so lotsa matter here. Thankfully I don't like Unity at all. So I'll be moving to Linux Mint soon. (Well about six Months to that at least - NOT TOMORROW!!!)
On the other end, Debian also looks good, only if I could stop myself wanting something flashy, shiny and with all the LATEST bells and whistles and colors. Whatever.
So that's all for now. Things are otherwise good, my (non-existing)cats are doing fine so is my (non-existing) Girlfriend. And so are the spirits in heaven, I believe.

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